ALVO A.Ş Organizational Structure and Corporate Identity;

Alvo was established in the year 2012 through its factory, which is located in the “Dudullu “area, where it was the starting point for the studies and activities that led to the start of the production of building chemicals and waterproofing systems in addition to the floor coating.

The company continued to provide its services through its new factory in the “Gebze” area, which began in 2018, accompanied by the establishment of a product development department in the field of waterproofing and floor coating.

Where the company have a variety of waterproofing and floor coating products and gives great importance to the developing the formulations of these products and creating new product consider solutions in the waterproofing & flooring sector.

ALVO A.Ş. is part of a “Group of Companies” including BSBAN A.Ş., BSBAN GMBH, ATLAS PSİKOTEKNİK and DESALLI, which have been operating for about 20 years.

Mr. Ali Mutlu started his Professional Business Life in many different sectors in 1985 and wrote success stories by working in various positions in different companies until 2003. In 2003, it continued to use his knowledge and experience by establishing his own business. Mr. Ali continues in tgrowning the business by combining his experiences with the experience of Mr. Sabit Arıkaya.

In the story of Alvo A.Ş.’s entering, the waterproofing industry has been done with the cooperation with many academicians and industry experts. Beside that we have our main consultant in the technical matters is Mr. Ercan Pınarcı.

Management Staff of ALVO A.Ş consists of people who are experts in their field and the company is managed by a completely professional staff.

General Manager of our company, Mr. Ufuk İlgin, after graduating from the Technical University, as a Mechanical Engineering , from  Istanbul University and completed his MBA program for 30 years in Turkey and Turkish Foreign Capital brand has been a senior manager in the firm.

All other employees of our company consist of people, who are selected with the same meticulousness for all departments, come from the insulation sector or from different sectors, who are experts in their fields and have achieved successful jobs.

Apart from the R&D studies of ALVO A.Ş, this investment and the value it gives to people is an indication of how important steps it has taken towards institutionalization.

In addition, it continues its way with successful methods in Quality Control systems, which it already gives importance to, thanks to its Customer and Supplier companies, namely “Business Partners”, which are Turkish and foreign companies that it serves / purchases.

ALVO A.Ş., which is just at the beginning of the road, aims to grow with new professionals and partners who have joined and will join its existing team and to become an innovative and leading company in the sector.